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The leaderboard below shows the performace of all forex robots on our test which ran from 22nd February 2009 to 10th October 2011. The data can be sorted by ascending and descending order for each column.



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January 5th, 2012
The basic principle behind MetaiM5eurusd Forex Robot forex robot is that in the short trends get accumulated profits with a very low risk. The average profit is 10 to 30 points per win transaction, so that no broker will try to cheat you.

MetaiM5eurusd Forex Robot is an absolute legal product, will not harm broker in any way. On the contrary, all the brokers are very glad to see you use the MetaiM5eurusd Forex Robot carrying out a large volume trade with him.

Another benefit is that our robot set EURUSD as our built- in currency, The currency’s spread is the smallest, and the most stable. Even though brokers’ point is floating, when the most profit signal appear, there is no need to worry about they expand the spread. MetaiM5eurusd Forex Robot can bring you the best profit. MetaiM5eurusd Forex Robot has a built-in high point protect system, in order to avoid amazing marker fluctuation that may lead to huge loss.

Another unique feature is the built-in protection system for brokers. As known to all, lots of Metatrader brokers have many wrong acts, such as expanding spreads, quoting errors and delays. They had made the Forex robot is difficult to continue profit. MetaiM5eurusd Forex Robot has the best broker protection system.

January 5th, 2012
Forex Profit Predictor claims to have been  35 years in the making and was also formulated by an ACTUAL NASA ROCKET SCIENTIST. The developer stumbled upon this technology by accident when he came across his mentor who had been using this technology to make huge gains in commodities and option trades for decades. The idea was to apply it to the Forex market. In the first 3 months of trading he made an unbelievable 520% return and he is now going stronger than ever!

The concept of the program started in 1978 as a by-product of research into the cyclical nature of vibration in aircraft components. The idea was to use the math behind the program, and turn it into  MONEY MAKING APPLICATION. Starting with copper and soybeans, the program was tested on historical data and the forecasting results proved so valuable that he launched a lifetime quest to develop the technology into what it is today.

After testing the application as it applies to the FX market and tweaking of the program it is now claimed t be an amazing predictor in the Forex market.

October 20th, 2011
EMALGO is a new EA powered by the Expectation-Maximization (EM) algorithm, which is a method of finding the maximum probable estimate of parameters in statistical models. This statistical theory has been adapted for the Forex price action. Emalgo generates observed parameters from an array of indicators which is fed into the EM algorithm. The results from the EM algorithm gives out the most probable parameters for the next few bars based on input provided. EMALGO utilizes this to produce stunning success rates in short term trading.

EM is more frequently used in machine learning, medical image reconstruction and computer vision due to its ability to deal with missing data using observed variables. EM is becoming more popular in the financial industry for predicting price and manage risk of a portfolio. The rich set of observed parameters and the need for predicting the most probable parameters in the near future make EM algorithm a very powerful component of our software.

The EA operates in H1 time frame since provides the most consistent results across different brokerages.

From our experience of testing hundreds of indicators/strategies for automated trading we find that all strategies/indicators have a probability of success which increase/decrease - the exact timing of the effectiveness has been elusive and mostly unpredictable. While most strategies like ICWR succeed on the long term - gaining consistently on short term strategies has been quite challenging.

Scalping software succeed in making small gains but the risk associated with the large SL is very high. Emalgo has been designed keeping in mind the various inputs we received from participants of our Need Analysis Survey program.

EMALGO's ...  
July 14th, 2011
The Straddle Trader Pro news trading expert advisor software was created by trader/programmer Barry Battista and is endorsed by well known trader Dustin Pass. This software was designed to track and profit from the extreme fluctuations in currency pairs as a result of news releases affecting the forex markets.

Straddle Trader Pro factors in all the estimates experts put forth prior to a significant news release. This allows Straddle Trader Pro to have a very good idea of which way a particular currency pair will move based on the actual data, once it is released.

Straddle Trader Pro monitors multiple news release feeds to confirm the actual details of the news release. Even so, Straddle Trader Pro realizes that the markets can sometimes move a bit prior to a news release based on market anticipation.

The idea is that the Straddle Trader Pro software will enter a Buy stop and Sell stop order as close to the release of a major news announcement as possible, preferably with a second or less to go before the announcement.

The Straddle Trader Pro software is designed to take all these factors into account in order to determine within a few seconds which way the currency pair is most likely to go, and is able to submit the actual trades with the split second timing required to make this "Straddle news release strategy" work.

The Straddle Trader Pro is a unique method of trading with a unique set of indicators.

July 3rd, 2011
Forex ShockerForex Shocker is a sophisticated scalping EA which was the leading forex robot on our test in 2009. It has now been upgraded to version 3. Key improvements to this version include:

- upgraded trading engine
- better closing of trades taking too long to conclude.
- optimised profit and stop loss for each pair for maximum results.
-  fully optimized trading parameters for the various indicators.
- The trading time period is now fully customizeable.
- The money management function has been improved to now accommodate seven risk settings.
- An "NFA_Broker" input has been added.
- separate slippage control inputs for opening and closing trades.
- The "MaxSpread" feature is now fully functional. A
- A "FakeTP" input has been added in order to protect users in the event their computer or VPS goes down during an open trade.
- More on informational text appears on each chart.
- You can now see whether the "Logic" input for each pair properly matches the chart being used.
- You can now see your "MaxSpread" input on each chart.
- You can see if the Trading Session is active or not.
- You can now see if the "DST" input is active.
- if you have any trades opened by Forex Shocker that are
presently active, it will be stated on the chart as "Monitoring open positions". If there are no such trades, you will see "No open positions".

There is an updated website showing the summary of the tick data backtests performed on the EUR/USD, USD/CHF and USD/CAD ...   Read more...
May 30th, 2011
Forex Hercules is the latest trade copier developed by master trader and  former FAP Turbo Employee Chris Alexander. He uses  27 years of experience and Autopilot Technology that Guarantees you great  Profits. It runs on EURUSD H1.

The product was put together after a year of reserach and testing and was tested and tweaked a thousand times so that users can be confident knowing that the developers have  done their absolute best.


May 22nd, 2011
Hybrid Pips System developer, Chris Ryan, claims that his trading system is a unique trading backdoor approach which provides accurate alerts sent out by email, SMS, RSS feed, and tweets. He provides detailed tutorials and strategy help for members. It is a form of Social trading where he's giving away a Software that helps you copy his trades from a preferred broker.

He shows screenshots of huge trading accounts of 6 figures and claims to derive experience from Wall Street as an ex-hedge funds manager.

The key features are:-

- Trading signals you can use in your Forex trading
- The signals include entry and exit rules, stop loss and take – profit
- No advanced Forex trading knowledge required
- Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee

Price $37